Temir At Yard

​​​​“Temir At” Yard is located on a land plot which, in 2008, included 48 hectares and in 2011 was expanded up to a total area of 88 hectares. These land plots are property of the Company and are located near the village of Akshukur (27km north of Aktau City), along the coast of the Mangystau Region. This location is preferred considering the following characteristics:

• Ideal logistic conditions for staff and workforce thanks to short distance from Aktau City (27 Km, i.e. less than 30 minutes drive) and from the International Airport (only 8 km);

• Ice free sea in all seasons;

• Easy access to shop fabrication areas in Aktau SEZ (Special Economic Zone);

• Easy road transport of materials thanks to the good conditions of the road from Aktau to the North.

Target products: Integrated Modules, PAUs & Piperacks up to 5.000 tons each, Jackets, Platforms Topsides, Living Quarters, Manifolds, Bridges, Ice Protection Structures, Pig launchers and Receivers, Packages.

In 2009, KCOI shareholders approved the development plans of KCOI Yard, located in Akshukur (north of Aktau City) to be implemented in two Phases (Phase 1 & Phase 2).

The Investment plans are in excess of 60 million Euro for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 and consists of:

• Purchase of land plot of 88 hectares;

• Soil preparation at Yard site for 13 hectares;

• Construction of an access road of 3 km connecting Temir At Yard to the national road between city of Aktau, Fort Shevchenko & Bautino;

• Installation of buildings, facilities, utilities & equipment required for Yard operations;

• Construction of a load out Quay, break water facility and related dredging of a sea access canal;

• Purchase of construction equipment such as cranes, trolleys, forklifts, etc.

• Construction of Main Workshops of 3 bays of each 24 x 102 x h 15 meters at the overhead crane hook fully equipped for structure prefabrication, structure assembly and piping fabrication.

In the year 2015, KCOI is performing engineering and carrying out further improvements of the Yard facilities, including: extension of uncovered warehouse land for 2 hectares and construction area for further 3 hectares, material entry gate, Painting Workshop with blasting and painting facilities of 40 x 102 x h 6 meters at the hook, subdivided in 2 bays with two 10 tons overhead cranes each, additional cranes, forklifts, cherry pickers, multi wheels trolleys, and new offices facilities for extra 800 m2.

Technical Details

Main covered areas m2​Today​Phase 2​  Total
Structural steel fabrication and assembly workshop​4,900           ​0​  4,900
Piping fabrication workshop​2,450​           0​  2,450
Sandblasting and painting workshop / shelters​   502    4,600​  4,600
Covered warehouses​   770    1,750​​  2,520
​Maintenance workshop​        0​       502​     502
Offices​ 1,612​    1,496  3,108​   
Canteen + kitchen 1,972​           0   1,972
Changing Rooms    996​       996   1,992
First aid/infirmary/gate security    356​           0​      356
Total covered areas13,558​    9,344 ​22,902

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