KCOI Company


​​KCOI is an incorporated Joint Venture Company established by two Kazakhstani Companies, MART Machinery Plant ("MMP") and Rosetti Kazakhstan, and by Rosetti Marino of Italy. Our strenght comes from the values that have made Kazakhstan Caspian Offshore Industries LLP (briefly, "KCOI") in country and its Parent Companies worldwide leaders in the Oil & Gas Industry and that inspire our action: courage to change, strong team building as well as trustability and reliability toward the Clients.

These principles lead our strategies and are declined into actions aiming to ensure respect to the environment and the human rights, to grant safe and proper working conditions for all our people creating sustainable growth in line with Kazakhstan programs, creating new local employment opportunities, transferring sound industrial knowledge and expertise to local staff and workforce thus increasing the local business content and maintaining the trust of all our Clients and Stakeholders.

Our expertise comes from the compentence that our Parent Companies built and that KCOI armoniously merges.

Rosetti Marino, together with its subsidiary Rosetti Kazakhstan is committed to provide:

  • Expertise and technical competence in the Oil & Gas industry
  • Project Management capability and integrated engineering, procurement and fabrication skills 
  • Long standing references with world class Oil Companies
  • Know-how transfer to local staff & workforce

Mart Machinery Plan is committed to Provide:

  • Contribution to local staff and workforce
  • Acquaintance with local business environment
  • Strong commitment to develop local relations with in-country infrastructure and industrial partners and subcontractors
  • Expertise for local logistics
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