Our Values

courage to change, team building, commitment to the Clients, responsibility for the environment

Our values are courage to change, strong team building and commitment to the Clients , safety and responsibility for our people, the local community, all our stakeholders.

At KCOI we recognize people as a key factor for success and continuous growth and we are committed to support their professional growth as our own growth. Respect of labor law and ethics, care for the resources' professional growth, respect of diversity are part of KCOI vaues and behaviors.

KCOI works to the highest achievable standards of safety, occupational health, quality and environmental protection. KCOI has a QHSE integrated system and operates according to QHSE principles and policies, for the safety of all our people, subcontractors, clients and third parties and for the best success of the Company, in full compliance with RoK legislation and the Major Oil Companies' standards of the Offshore Oil & Gas industry. KCOI Management, at all levels of the Organization, is committed to prevent injuries, health, pollution and to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the QHSE Management System to assure clean and trustable working environment where each one of us feels confortable to express his opinion and safely protected. KCOI received the QHSE Certification for compliance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 from Lloyd Register.

Our efforts are dedicated to them. We invest on all phases of company activities, from the product execution to their delivery, ensuring excellent performance as well as excellence, collaboration and transparency.

They complete us. Our relationships with them are dictated by transparency, loyalty and shared interests.

The continuous improvement of our processes is one of the key factors for success. Together with those we constantly invest on the development of our construction Yard ("Temir-AT" Oil and Gas Offshore Facilities Fabrication Yard) in Mangystau Region, on the kazak coast of the Caspian see to better serve the Oil & Gas Industries.

Orientation to diversity, overcoming cultural barriers, sharing and understanding of different ideas and behaviors, is the way we work at KCOI.

All our strategies are result-oriented, based on an operative approach that grows on our enthusiasm and professional excellence.