Community feedback

Feedback Management process
​Feedback is the questions, suggestions or grievances about KCOI operations, the company’s general business activities or issues related to the projects implementation of «KCOI» LLP. One of the projects under implementation of «KCOI» LLP is the Future Growth Project-Wellhead Pressure Management Project (FGP-WPMP).

The Feedback Process is a quick, easy and confidential process for concerned parties to communicate with KCOI on company operations issues, grievances and receive a timely response.

Anyone with an issue, grievance or suggestion can submit feedback directly to KCOI. You can contact «KCOI» LLP by mail, e-mail, telephone line +77292425400 or filling out the feedback form on KCOI Yard, where there is a special box to collect grievances and suggestions. The time for consideration of the submitted questions, grievances and proposals of KCOI LLP is 20 working days.
KCOI does not share information received in the process of consideration the grievances and proposals outside of the company and guarantees complete confidentiality. You can completely trust us!​

KCOI is dedicated to being a leader in social responsibility in the Tupkaragan district, especially in Saiyn Shapagat village community. To achieve this goal, we work to maintain a continuous dialogue with community members by carrying out activities aimed at interaction with public organizations and social investment activities and our Feedback Process. KCOI invites all concerned parties to participate in the Feedback Process.
We look forward to hearing from you!