Project Award or Delivery

New contract with Maersk Oil Kazakhstan GmbH

10/29/2013 5:00

​​​We are glad to communicate that on 17th October 2013 we have signed a new contract with Maersk Oil Kazakhstan GmbH.

The scope of work of the project, whose duration is 13 weeks, includes supply of materials, hook-up, testing, start-up and commissioning works of 23 (twenty three) well hook-ups, including 5 (five) injection wells.

Hereunder, in detail, some of the activities falling within five main categories:

  1. Concrete works
    Supply and installation of all the required formwork, reinforcement, concrete chemicals / plasticizers / etc. (winter time), grease for formwork, concrete treatment consumables.
  2. Prefabricated steel items
    Supply and installation of the control panel, distribution board, MCC, hydraulic panel frames, all fences, pipe supports, cable tray supports, cable trays, including fabrication, sand blasting, hot dip galvanization, coating, painting, welding, etc.
  3. Piping installation works
    Installation of pipe skids fabricated by other contractor/s, including: installation and tie-in of pipe skids production wells, supplied by Company; installation and tie-in pipeskids injection wells, supplied by Company; fabrication to measurement of tie-in pipe spools production well; fabrication to measurement of tie-in spools injection well; pressure test of tie-in pipe spools; punch listing activities and preparation of mechanical test-sheets.
  4. Electrical works
    Supply and installation of all electrical materials and equipment for the well pad power supply. Supply of all materials, including cables, cable lugs, cable entries, distribution boxes, control boxes, thermally bonded insulation sleeves, cable clamps, cable trays, cable tray supports, cable channels, junction boxes, fixings (bolts, nuts, washers, etc), cable underground conduits and protection sleeves, etc.
  5. Instrumentation works
    Supply, installation, testing and commisisoning of the instrumentation system of well pads.

Massimo Rossi has been assigned as Project Manager of this Contract.