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Temir-At Yard development

7/29/2013 13:00

​​​​Activities leading to the development and expansion of KCOI Temir-At Yard, located near Aktau, Kazakhstan, started in May 2013.

Activities scheduled include:

1) Construction of three workshops, subdivided as follows:

  • 2.450 square mt destined to plates pantograph cutting, also containing machinery for plates and beams prefabrication
  • 2.450 square mt destined to structures pre-assembly operations
  • 2.450 square mt destined to piping prefabrication.

2) Construction of additional 850 square mt for office premises.

3) Yard area increase by additional 11,000 square mt.

4) Renovation of I&CT infrastructures, through the installation of new Server and Data Networks.

5) Purchase of new lifting and materials handling equipment.

The power line has been completed while the projects for the Sewage Treatment Plant and the Gas Line installation have been submitted.

Workshop construction activities are in progress as per schedule.